Abstract Submission

Scholars, professionals, policymakers, and NGO representatives are invited to submit abstracts of up to 150 words for a 20-minute lecture for the international online conference (June 1st, via Zoom) or the in-person day (June 2nd, 2023). 

Please complete and submit abstracts to the following link.


The conference aims to provide science-based practical insights for scholars, activists, practitioners, planners and policy-makers, by sharing tools and frameworks that can support more effective integration, actionability and sustainability towards change-making and sustained transformations. At both the global and local scales, we hope to brainstorm ways to address the challenges we face as we aim to integrate diverse knowledge, experience, and approaches to effect sustainability transformations on the ground. We hope participants will leave inspired by the ideas and work of their peers, fortified with new ideas, cases, and community in our work for positive change.


If you would like to present, please submit a 100-150-word abstract for 15-20 minute lectures in the form below by February 24, 2023.


While abstracts related to any form of environmental collaborations and solutions are welcomed, we are particularly interested in environmental conflict and cooperation talks related to the following issues:

1. Cross-Border Initiatives and Environmental Peacebuilding

2. Grassroot, Citizen Science, and Community Engagement

3. Environmental Justice and Indigenous Communities

4. Human-Wildlife Interactions

5. Marine and Coastal Collaborative Environmental Initiatives

6. Nature Experiences and Nature Relatedness



*Participants can also sign up for in-person participation on June 2nd, without giving a lecture, and are only required to write a short statement explaining their interest in the workshop, as well as their professional and/or academic background and affiliation. Participation in both days is open to academics and the public, free of charge.

Diversity of views and backgrounds will bring added value to these conversations, Please consider presenting your own scholarship, narrative, or experience, or simply joining with your questions and conversation! The conference organizers would also like to encourage early career scholars (e.g., doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows), as well as practitioners, to join us on both days, and either submit an abstract or participate in the in-person workshop day at UC Berkeley. We would like to include as many voices as possible in this conversation.


For any additional questions, write to the conference planners (see "About Us" page), or fill out the information in the form below.

See you there!